Project Background Tool

Provide your stakeholders with the background/history of the project/program you are engaging on – embed anything to support the project.

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Background Tool

Engagement Hub's Background Tool allows you to provide your stakeholders with a complete background and history of the project or program you are engaging on, so they can make informed decisions and comments. This versatile tool is highly adaptive and could be utilised for many different purposes!

Insert images, logos and links to inform your stakeholders. Think outside the square with how you could use this tool - we love to see the unique ways our clients utilise this one!

Take your stakeholders on a journey through the complete background and history of your engagement project. It is important to ensure that your stakeholders understand the whole process as to why you are consulting. This information will ensure your stakeholders can make informed decisions.

Use this Tool to display a message from a CEO or Mayor, introduce the Project Team or to promote key partners in your project. This versatile Tool allows you to insert logos, images or links to provide comphrehensive information to inform and engage your stakeholders.