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Project Overview Tool

This page is to demonstrate some of the Engagement Hub feedback and collaborative tools available to our clients. Many tools are utilised are creatively applied by our clients to reflect the consultation subject matter, audience, how information is to be presented and of course the best methods of feedback for their projects.

In additional to consultation pages, clients can also have top level menu informative pages.

There is the ability to use as many or as few of the engagement tools as you wish during the lifecycle of the consultative process.

  • Rename and hide widget tool titles and of course move them around.
  • With a tick of a box, make a consultation private to only a discreet group of stakeholders.
  • Duplicate consultation projects
  • Enable date scheduling for projects and each widget tool item.
  • Enable Project Following, to instantly share new content and collaboration opportunities with your stakeholders.
  • Quickly turn qualitative feedback into quantitative data via tagging.
  • A range of simple and detailed reports for each project and across your platform

Contact us to to find out how Engagement Hub can help you engage and consult with your stakeholders; to access the demo site as a site administrator; or to organise a virtual screen share demonstration.

What can I use the Latest News Widget for?

The Latest News Widget is perfect for keeping your stakeholders and community informed with project updates, media releases, opportunities and consultation outcomes. Include links and add attachments or images to maximise your impact.

Follow this Project Function

Did you know we now have a 'Follow this Project' feature. This function allows users to follow a project and receive notifications when new items are added to a project! 

This a great way to ensure your stakeholders don't miss anything and remain engaged and informed.


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This Widget enables you to provide your stakeholders with the complete background and history of the project or program you are engaging on, so they can make informed decisions and comments. However, the Widget is highly adaptive and could be utilised for many different purposes!


  • Headline

    Task completed description

  • Timeline

    In the Timeline Widget, publicly display your engagement process and other key project dates. This allows your stakeholders to have the complete picture of the process and where they can get involved!

  • Headline

    Future task description

  • Example Survey

    Our flexible survey tool enables unlimited surveys and feedback forms with a range of question types including a WYSIWYG. Stakeholders can save draft surveys prior to submission.

    Take this Survey

Join the Conversation

This Widget is to create online discussion forums. Every project/consultation can have multiple discussion forums at one time. 

There is the ability to turn on moderation for this Widget.

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 Thu, 02 Apr 2020
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What is your favourite part of volunteering?

Engagement Hub Team
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 Fri, 13 Jul 2018
  • Giving back and meeting new people.

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     Thu, 27 Jun 2019

Pin Your Ideas on an Interactive Map Tool

  • Example Interactive Map

    Enable the community to pin feedbacks/ideas and respond to comments on the interactive map! Other community members can like, dislike and respond.

    Have your say

Interactive Documents Tool

  • What can I use the Interactive Image Widget for? Perfect for concept plans - your stakeholders can comment directly on your image or .pdf! Other community members can like, dislike and respond.

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  Ideas Wall Tool

Extended Idea Wall Tool


Additional Main Content Tool

Add anything to this informative widget including videos, images, embeds, text, hyperlinks and block quotes

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This optional area can be used to display absolutely anything including text, images, video and embeds!