Advanced Mapping Tool

Great for exploratory location based engagement.

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Engagement Hub's Advanced Mapping Tool is an extension of the existing Mapping Tool by allowing you to define the area on a specific location on the map of where you would like community members and other stakeholders to like, dislike or comment on as part of the consulation process.

When setting up your interactive map, set up a boundary box if needed to indicate where on the map you would like the community to focus their ideas and feedback on. Once established, users can add map markers within the specified area to apply their comments. This tool is an excellent way to collect specific feedback and thoughts from the community.

Utilise the 'Follow this Project' feature to keep your stakeholders or community informed and engaged. You can also use the 'set date' feature on this tool to reduce your administration and time.

Interact with your community, find out what they think of a specified location!

Advanced Mapping

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  • Advanced Mapping Tool

    Enable the community to pin their ideas or comments within the bounded area you set up. Other users can 'Agree', 'Disagree' or reply to existing comments.

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