This demo site is designed to illustrate the different ways organisations are using Engagement Hub for effective online engagement with their stakeholders and communities. Sign up for your own Engagement Hub platform – 30 day free trial.

Online Community Engagement Software

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Online Community Engagement Platform

School Community Example Consultation Current Status : Online Community

This consultation is to demonstrate how school communities are using Engagement Hub. Contact us to access the demo site as an administrator. Create your own Engagement Hub portal for collaboration bet...
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Online Community Engagement Portal

Local Government - Town Centre Revitalisation Example Current Status : Initial Engagement

This consultation example illustrates how the community may be consulted and engaged online to develop a Town Centre Plan, Urban Design Study or Place Management Plan. Contact us to access this demo s...
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Online Stakeholder Engagement Platform

Developing a Youth Action Plan Example Current Status : Understanding Your Needs and Aspirations

Our aim is to make a difference to teenagers and young adults within our community. If you are aged between 12-25 years old, we want you to have your say!
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Digital Stakeholder Engagement

Natural Burial Engagement Example Current Status : Community Input

This is an example of one way a cemetery may utilise online engagement.
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Customer Service Review Example Current Status : Community Feedback

This is an example how a local Council may use Engagement Hub to evaluate the quality of customer service provided between Council and its community. We are committed to providing the best possible cu...
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Internal Service Review Example Current Status : Always Open

This is an example of Engagement Hub could be applied for private internal service consultations. From a community perspective, all our team members are part of the customer service experience. From a...
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Library Services Review Current Status : Ideas Generation May to June 2017

An example of how an organisation may online engagement to review library services.
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This is an example of how a university might engage with exisiting students and potenial future students to gather infromation to prepare them for future needs.
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NewmanFrancis Current Status :

A test page for NewmanFrancis.
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Closed Consultations