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Examples of the Default Open Consultation Section with Pretend Projects

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Consultation Tools

Example - Engagement Hub Consultative Tools Overview

This page is to demonstrate some of the Engagement Hub feedback and collaborative tools available to our clients. Many tools are utilised are creatively applied by our clients to reflect the consultation subject matter, audience, how information is to be presented and of course the best methods of feedback for their projects. In additional to consu...
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Example - Town Centre Revitalisation

This consultation example illustrates how the community may be consulted and engaged online to develop a Town Centre Plan, Urban Design Study, Masterplan or Place Management Plan. Engagement Hub features 23 informative, feedback and collaborative tools with many ideal for these types of consultations - use as many or as few as you wish during the l...
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Example - Employee Ideas Pitch

Engagement Hub is used by many of our clients for employee engagement and internal communications - always take advantage of private/closed status for employee engagement. This is an example of running a Shark Tank style organisation improvement program: Employees Pitch Ideas online Other Employees vote on them The top five ideas are presented lik...
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Example - Engage With Your Staff Working From Home

Looking for a solution to engage with your staff currently working from home? This is an example of how Engagement Hub can be used for internal staff engagement. Now more than ever it is important to ensure your employees are engaged and consulted on what is happening. Engagement Hub features 23 informative, feedback and collaborative tools with ma...
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Example - Transport

Engagement Hub offers a wide range of tools for transport projects including the ability to host closed consultations with other government agencies and local government, in addition to consumer and community consultation on new infrastructure; terminals and stations; policies; pricing reviews; service levels; legislation; and safety etc. Add an in...
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Example - Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

This consultation example is to demonstrate how coastal Councils are using Engagement Hub to consult and engage with communities online to develop a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy or Coastal Management Plan. Contact us to access the demo site as an administrator.
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Example - Community Strategic Plan

This is an example of how Engagement Hub can be used for an online consultation for the development of a Community Strategic Plan. Contact us for Super Admin login details and a copy of our most recent Super Admin user manual and videos.
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Our Engagement Hub Tools to inform, gather feedback & collaborate

Budgeting Tool

Our latest Engagement Hub feature is our Budgeting Tool! As a result of feedback and suggestions, this tool has been designed in collaboration with our clients. The Budgeting Tool allows you to easily and effectively consult with your stakeholders on project budgets, opening up conversations with your stakeholders and community. Give your stakehold...
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Project Overview Tool

Engagement Hub provides an easy way to get you started on setting up your next consultation with the Project Overview Tool. With this tool you can provide a snapshot introductionof your consultation with our text editor. Add an accompanying image or video to help with providing an overview of your project. Links to websites, documents and emails ca...
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Customise Widgets Tool

Engagement Hub provides you the flexibility to customise your site even more with the option to change the name, colour and position of all widgets which means you can be as creative as you like! Using the Customise Widgets Tool, enjoy the freedom to think of different ways to utilise your widget tools. Alter the colour of your widget background ba...
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Surveys and Forms Tool

Our flexible Surveys and Forms Tool enables unlimited surveys and feedback forms with a range of question types including a WYSIWYG. Stakeholders can save draft surveys prior to submission. Publish multiple surveys and readily download the data. If you have a sensitive project, users can now take the survey anonymously. It is not required for stake...
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Quick Polls Tool

Our Quick Polls Tool makes it easy for your stakeholders to assist you in prioritising options by undertaking text, image, video or audio polls. This Tool is a great way to effectively and quickly ask your stakeholder a simple question with the option of a single choice answer. You can have an unlimited number of quick polls active on your project ...
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Ideas & Extended Ideas Wall Tools

Our Ideas Wall is a creative tool for your stakeholders to pitch ideas and share their stories with the ability for community members to vote up or down on ideas as well as reply. You also have the option to allow them only to vote upon an idea and to hide the vote down option. The Extended Ideas Wall Tool is an extension of the Ideas Wall tool - f...
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Online Forums Tool

Open up conversations with your stakeholders and community with Engagement Hub's Online Forums Tool. This popular tool allows the flexibility of having multiple discussion forums running at the one time. Your stakeholders and community can also agree, disagree or reply to other comments. There is the ability to turn on moderation for this tool ...
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Interactive Documents Tool

Engagement Hub's Interactive Documents Tool is perfect for uploading concept designs and have stakeholders comment directly on your image or PDF document! Other stakeholders can then like, dislike and respond. You may choose to upload a policy that you are consulting on, a concept plan for a CBD upgrade or a visual representation of your projec...
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Interactive Mapping Tool

Engagement Hub's Interactive Mapping Tool enables your community or stakeholders to pin feedback/ideas and respond to comments on an interactive map! This interactive tool provides the the ability for other stakeholders or community members to like, dislike and respond to comments and ideas providing a great platform to gather feedback and bett...
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Events and Meetings Tool

Engagement Hub's Events and Meetings Tool enables you to notify and encourage your stakeholders to attend workshops, forums and events associated with your project. This tool provides a complete event registration system including stakeholder electronic diary integration and event registration. Each event has its own designated URL ensuring eff...
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Submission Tool

Our Submission Tool can be utilised for a range of different functions. The most popular way to use this tool is to enable your stakeholders to quickly complete an online submission, including attachments. With the ability to customise the name of this tool, you could use this tool for gaining additional information from your stakeholders or to ask...
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Advanced Mapping Tool

Engagement Hub's Advanced Mapping Tool is an extension of the existing Mapping Tool by allowing you to define the area on a specific location on the map of where you would like community members and other stakeholders to like, dislike or comment on as part of the consulation process. When setting up your interactive map, set up a boundary box i...
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FAQs Tool

Use Engagement Hub's Frequently Asked Questions Tool on a project basis to efficiently and effectively manage commonly asked questions. This sophisticated tool allows you to organise your FAQs in a system that is simple and easy to navigate. Minimise the time spent responding to individual questions and requests by maximising the ability of thi...
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Background Tool

Engagement Hub's Background Tool allows you to provide your stakeholders with a complete background and history of the project or program you are engaging on, so they can make informed decisions and comments. This versatile tool is highly adaptive and could be utilised for many different purposes! Insert images, logos and links to inform your s...
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Project Banners Tool

As they say – an image speaks a thousand words! Using our Project Banners Tool, create unique banners and sliders for each project. Project banners are a great way to reinforce your key messaging. Choose between a slider of up to four banners or just one stationary banner. Use the text editor to add text, links or images to your banners. The ...
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Latest News Blog Tool

Keep your stakeholders and community informed with project updates, media releases, opportunities and consultation outcomes! Engagement Hub's Latest News Blog Tool allows you to easily keep your stakeholders informed by utilising the 'Follow this Project' feature. If this feature is enabled on your project, when adding a new 'news i...
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Key Dates Tool

Engagement Hub's Key Dates Tool allows you to publicly display your engagement process and important key project dates. This tool provides your stakeholders the opportunity to visualise the complete picture of the process and determine at what stages they can get involved in the consultation. You can add as many stages to your project timeline ...
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Document Library Tool

Engagement Hub's Document Library Tool is the perfect place to store all key information and documents to support and enhance your engagement project. This tool provides a simple categorised filing system which makes it easy for your stakeholders to navigate. Create custom categories tailored to your project. This tool allows you to upload your...
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Image Gallery Tool

Get greater cut through for your engagements and consultations by developing a suite of images. Using our Image Gallery Tool, provide your stakeholders with an image gallery to browse for information and insight into your project. Our Image Gallery Tool allows you to display your images in a convenient and attractive manner. With the ability to dra...
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Video Gallery Tool

Effectively reach your stakeholders by using Engagement Hub's Video Gallery Tool. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video's message compared to 10% when reading text! Our Video Gallery Tool allows you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos for greater impact. This is a great tool for introducing stakeholders to your project, providing ad...
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Who's Listening Tool

Our Who‘s Listening Tool is intended to 'humanise'the consultation, by indicating there are real people taking notice of what stakeholders are saying. This tool is also great to promote your politician and/or CEO as listeners. You have the ability to add a photo or avatar to the person or persons listening to the conversation. A great...
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Project Links Tool

Our Project Links Tool enables you to provide a list of relevant external websites for your stakeholders to visit. This is a great way to promote project partners, provide more information to engage and inform your stakeholders and to link to your organisation's website. Project links are displayed and organised in an easy to navigate list. Thi...
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Additional Content Tools

Add anything to these two informative tools including videos, images, embeds, text, hyperlinks and block quotes! The flexibility of the Additional Side Content Tool and the Additional Main Content Tool gives you the option to be as creative as you want. Use it to highlight key project facts or quoting key personnel. You could also showcase project ...
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Embed Tool

Engagement Hub's Embed Tool is a wonderfully flexible widget which allows you to embed source code or iframes for Twitter, Mailchimp, Facebook, Slideshare and many more! A great way to promote your social media feeds, provide supporting information for your project and to simply keep your stakeholders up to date. Get creative with this tool!
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