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The demo site provides just a glimpse of the informative and engagement tools built-in to the system which your stakeholders can use to collaborate and provide feedback. Engagement Hub is completely customisable and bespoke to client requirements - it is a user-friendly website builder designed for consultations with a robust stakeholder management, communications and reporting functionality. To really understand the power of Engagement Hub and how it benefits our clients, please contact us.


Examples of the Default Open Consultation Section with Pretend Projects

This page is to demonstrate some of the Engagement Hub feedback and collaborative tools available to our clients. Many tools are utilised are creatively applied by our clients to reflect the consultat...
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This consultation example illustrates how the community may be consulted and engaged online to develop a Town Centre Plan, Urban Design Study, Masterplan or Place Management Plan. Engagement Hub featu...
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Engagement Hub is used by many of our clients for employee engagement and internal communications - always take advantage of private/closed status for employee engagement. This is an example of runnin...
Change Our World
online community engagement

Example - Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy Current Status : Project Launch

This consultation example is to demonstrate how coastal Councils are using Engagement Hub to consult and engage with communities online to develop a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy or Coastal Manag...
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Looking for a solution to engage with your staff currently working from home? This is an example of how Engagement Hub can be used for internal staff engagement. Now more than ever it is important to ...
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Example - Transport Current Status : Stakeholder Engagement Stage One

Engagement Hub offers a wide range of tools for transport projects including the ability to host closed consultations with other government agencies and local government, in addition to consumer and c...
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This consultation is to demonstrate how school communities are using Engagement Hub. Contact us to access the demo site as an administrator. Create your own Engagement Hub portal for collaboration bet...
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online community engagement

Example - Community Strategic Plan Current Status : Community Consultation

This is an example of how Engagement Hub can be used for an online consultation for the development of a Community Strategic Plan. Contact us for Super Admin login details and a copy of our most recen...
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In Progress

This is an example of the tools an organisation may use to receive ongoing customer experience feedback. The Quick Polls and Survey/Feedback Widget Tools are excellent options for gathering ongoing cu...
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Examples of the Default Closed Consultation Section with Pretend Projects

This is an example of how any organisation may use Engagement Hub to evaluate the quality of customer service provided between the organisation and its customers. We are committed to providing the bes...
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online community engagement

Example - WHS Project Current Status : Online Discussion

This project is to demonstrate how Engagement Hub can be used to consult and engage on WHS matters. Contact us to access the demo site as an administrator.
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