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Featured Projects

Examples of the Default Open Consultation Section with Pretend Projects

Engagement Hub is used by many of our clients for employee engagement and internal communications - always take advantage of private/closed status for employee engagement.
Change Our World
This consultation example illustrates how the community may be consulted and engaged online to develop a Town Centre Plan, Urban Design Study, Masterplan or Place Management Plan.
Join the Conversation
Looking for a solution to engage with your staff currently working from home? This is an example of how Engagement Hub can be used for internal staff engagement.
Engage Now!
This consultation example is to demonstrate how coastal Councils are using Engagement Hub to consult and engage with communities online to develop a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy or Coastal Management Plan.
Share Knowledge

Examples of Stay Informed Projects

Engagement Hub offers a wide range of tools for transport projects including the ability to host closed consultations with other government agencies and local government, in addition to consumer and community consultation on new infrastructure; terminals and stations; p...
Have Your Say
This is an example of how Engagement Hub can be used for an online consultation for the development of a Community Strategic Plan. Contact us for Super Admin login details and a copy of our most recent Super Admin user manual and videos.
Visit Project
This is an example of the tools you may wish to use for a park based / sports field consultation. Your stakeholders could: Pin their comments on the proposed light layout /n concept pla Complete an online submission / survey RSVP to a park-based listening post Using t...
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