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Budgeting Tool

Our latest Engagement Hub feature is our Budgeting Tool! As a result of feedback and suggestions, this tool has been designed in collaboration with our clients.

The Budgeting Tool allows you to easily and effectively consult with your stakeholders on project budgets, opening up conversations with your stakeholders and community. Give your stakeholders the power to submit their ideas on your budget and to display the process behind the decision making.

This tool is customisable to suit your project needs. Think outside the square with this tool - we can't wait to see your budgets in action!

See a real-life example. Jess from Engagement Hub talks you through how the City of Prospect is using the tool to consult on their annual business plan and budget.

Budget Stimulator

  • Council Operating Budget


    This is an example of how a Council may use the budget tool to consult on future budgets including operating budgets. For every budget item, there is flexibility in how stakeholders can provide their contribution.

    Have you say on the budget