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Consultation Overview

Our LGA is very fortunate to have a highly active community and facilities to enable sports participation. As our population continues to grow so do the many children and adults who wish to participate in local sporting clubs. In fact, we already cannot meet existing demand for participation in soccer.

Therefore to meet the growing demand for sports participation, we need to consider installing lighting poles at Council’s other existing playing fields. This consultation is focused on installing four x 22m high sports field lighting at Zebra Park.

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What is the current and forecasted demand for our community in regards to sports field access?

Many previous studies, including the Local Planning Strategy (2XXX) and Recreation Facilities Study (2XXX) have established the need for either more sporting facilities or better utilisation of existing ones.
Our current data indicates that during the winter season our sport fields are unable to meet community needs, particularly in relation to weeknight training.
From 2016 to 2017, with the exception of Netball, there has been an increase in weeknight training of 32.5 field hours and for weekend games an increase of 77 field hours. 
Since 2011, our local sporting groups utilising Zebra Park have experienced significant growth in local player registrations:
  • Club 1 – annualised increase of 21% per year
  • Club 2 – annualised increase of 14% per year
  • Club 3 – annualised increase of 35% per year
Just between these three local clubs there has been a real increase of 279 players over the past five years.
However, with the local population to continue to grow and pegged against State trends in sport participations, at a minimum there will be a need to accommodate an additional 300+ children and 400+ adults across the sporting codes currently utilising Zebra Park. This is in trend with the past five year’s growth.

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  • The Proposed Lighting Plan The four sports field lighting poles are 22m high, producing an overall luminance of 100lux

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