Interactive Mapping Tool

Perfect for exploratory engagement

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Engagement Hub's Interactive Mapping Tool enables your community or stakeholders to pin feedback/ideas and respond to comments on an interactive map!

This interactive tool provides the the ability for other stakeholders or community members to like, dislike and respond to comments and ideas providing a great platform to gather feedback and better understand the community's thoughts on a specific location.

Our mapping tool uses Google Maps ands allows you to implement the use of different map markers that correspond to your project. Select from our extensive library of map markers or talk to our Design Team if you are looking for something specific - we are here to help!

Utilise the 'Follow this Project' feature to keep your stakeholders or community informed and engaged. You can also use the 'set date' feature on this tool to reduce your administration and time.

Interact with your community, find out what they think of a specified location!

Pin Your Ideas on an Interactive Map Tool

  • Example Interactive Map

    Enable the community to pin feedbacks/ideas and respond to comments on the interactive map! Other community members can like, dislike and respond.

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