Quick Polls Tools

A quick effective voting option using text, video, images or audio.

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Quick Polls Tool

Our Quick Polls Tool makes it easy for your stakeholders to assist you in prioritising options by undertaking text, image, video or audio polls.

This Tool is a great way to effectively and quickly ask your stakeholder a simple question with the option of a single choice answer. You can have an unlimited number of quick polls active on your project site at one time and there is the ability to have the poll results visible on your site for all stakeholders to see - this can be during the voting or once voting is completed or you can choose to hide the results. Make use of the 'set date' feature.

Our 'Follow this Project' feature allows you to send an auto email notification to followers if activated. A great tool for keeping your stakeholders informed and engaging both registered and unregistered users.

Engage your stakeholders with this simple but extremely effective engagement tool!