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Latest News Blog Tool

Keep your stakeholders and community informed with project updates, media releases, opportunities and consultation outcomes!

Engagement Hub's Latest News Blog Tool allows you to easily keep your stakeholders informed by utilising the 'Follow this Project' feature. If this feature is enabled on your project, when adding a new 'news item' you can immediately notify the project followers by ticking a box - so easy!

There is also the ability to enable the footer feed on your site. You can link up to three 'news item' to be displayed in the footer of your site.

You can also customise the title and location of this widget. Enjoy the flexibility of this widget to engage your stakeholders!

What can I use the Latest News Blog Tool for?

Be creative, use this Blog Tool to tell a story, make an important announcement, distribute a media release and keep your stakeholders and community informed with project updates and consultation outcomes. The options are endless and by incorporating links, adding attachments or images this will also assist with maximising your impact. 

Media Release - Project Update

You can attach media releases or project updates to your 'news items'. Send a notification to project followers so they know when a new item is added.