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Informative Widget Tools

Project Overview

Engagement Hub provides a range of Informative Widget Tools to ensure you have the tools to keep your stakeholders informed of the latest updates of your consultation.

Displayed on this page is a preview of our Informative Widget Tools in action! Click on the link under each widget section to see each tool in usein their dedicated page.

The Project Overview Tool allows you to provide a snapshot summary of what your consultation is about and add additional images, videos or links to enhance your project's page.

If you need to rearrange the order of the widgets on your project's page or change the colour scheme of the page, personalise the look and feel of your project's page with the Customise Widgets Tool.

Welcome to the Latest News Blog Tool

Inform your stakeholders of the latest news and updates with the Latest News Blog Tool. Click here to see how you fully utilise this tool!

  • Project Commences

    Learn more on how you can use the Timeline Widget Tool for your next project here!

  • Community Consultation

    Add the stages to your project to let stakeholders know at what stage the project is at.

  • Project Completion

    Or alternatively, use the Sidebar Timeline Widget Tool to display your engagement process on the right hand side of your project page. 

Use the Background Widget Tool to provide the complete background and history of the project so that your stakeholders can understand the purpose of your consultation. Click here to preview the tool in action!

Extra Content For Main Block

Add more information about your project and include images, videos, text, block quotes and hyperllinks with the Additional Content Tools. You have the flexibility to display your content either at the main body or sidebar of your page.