Example for Urban Design / Town Centre Revitalisation Consultation

Online Community Engagement Software

This consultation example illustrates how the community may be consulted and engaged online to develop a Town Centre Plan, Urban Design Study, Masterplan or Place Management Plan.

Engagement Hub features 23 informative, feedback and collaborative tools with many ideal for these types of consultations - use as many or as few as you wish during the lifecycle of the consultative process. This example is illustrating more tools than we would recommend at one time.

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The intent of the Place Plan is to create a place of meaning and connection for residents, business owners and visitors. The overarching objectives identified by the community are to:

  • Improve the public realm and amenity
  • Identify and meet the needs and aspirations of the community now and in the future
  • Enhance the environmental, social and cultural sustainability of the place
  • Retain and attract businesses and residents
  • Improve engagement and confidence between Council, residents and businesses

We thank you for your continued support in this Plan.


John Smith - CEO

Project Update March 2020

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  • Draft Concept Plan Have your say by simply clicking on our draft masterplan

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  • Upgrade

    How can our town centre be improved? Pin your ideas and images.

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  • Local Business Survey

    The findings from this survey will be used: 1. As a foundation for community consultation 2. Ultimately will provide direction in developing a Place Plan for Our Town and 3. To identify opportunities for business to get involved in the process.

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  • On-Street Parking Survey

    This survey is to understand if the current parking conditions respond to shoppers' needs.

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