Example for Urban Design / Town Centre Revitalisation Consultation

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Example - Town Centre Revitalisation


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Simply drag a map marker from the right-hand side panel and place on the location in which you wish to provide a comment on. You may elect to upload a supporting image.
To vote and reply to comments made by other stakeholders, click on the comment or map marker of the relevant comment.
Throughout the full lifecycle of the project, Council will inform the community of the progress via a variety of channels including:
  • Online – Ongoing
    • Council’s Website
    • Council’s Online Engagement Site
    • Social Media
  • Direct Correspondence
When key phases are approaching, Council will directly notify the community through one or more of the following channels:
  • E-Newsletter
  • Letterbox distribution
  • Direct notification letter via Australia Post
  • News Articles and/or Advertisements in the local paper

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